Teachers grow your learning garden with these free resources

Download these plans to start building a long-term healthy garden integrated with your curriculum. 


Lesson Plans

Ecologists Grow a Garden 

Seven lesson plans to
explore ecology in a garden.



Garden Plans


Birds and Bees Landscape Plan
Grow a beneficial animal garden.
Use it to teach ecology and sustainability.

Four Crop Easy Garden Plan
Four simple crops with rich learning possibilities.

Buddy Planting Plan
A garden for a primary and intermediate class
to share and learn from.

Diversity Garden Plan
Explore cultural diversity with this
easy to grow garden.

Teeny Edibles Plan
Grow lots of teeny produce in a small space.



Tips to take care of your garden animal helpers


Mason Bee Care Sheet
Encourage mason bees to learn about
pollination and local insects.

Chickadee Care Sheet
Install a nest box to reduce insect pests and
to appreciate local birds.