Lea Elliott’s book is both inspirational and practical, full of great ideas for transforming our urgent need to work with nature into actual change.
— Kristin Ohlson, author of The Soil Will Save Us
“Lea Elliott provides practical exercises to help readers begin to analyze their business and develop a sustainability framework.”
— MELISSA CHAUN, Tri-City News
“I highly recommend Lea Elliott’s new book to anyone looking to up their game as a sustainability change agent, educator, or practitioner. Her six lessons from nature contain abundant new ideas about how to accelerate and scale sustainability practice... are fun to read as well!”
— DR. STEVE SCHEIN, author of A New Psychology for Sustainability Leadership: The Hidden Power of Ecological Worldviews

About the Book

Do you want to take action at work that will benefit you, your job and your community as much as it helps the environment? Lea Elliott’s Work Like Nature presents lessons from nature to help you make sense of sustainability and start making a difference.

These ecosystem ideas are illustrated through inspiring stories from Vancouver-area green innovators. See how these bright thinkers from a variety of disciplines work like nature to benefit the environment and, surprisingly, to win at their job or business.

You’ll see how a city secures its energy needs, a community designs a dynamic waterfront, and an entrepreneur protects our oceans. You’ll also discover how a diversity of flowers growing in a blueberry field fortifies our food supply, how turning manure into renewable natural gas can in fact protect our water, and how views of nature make us healthier. Exercises and examples in each chapter will help you apply these lessons to your own work.

By simply looking outside, you can gain insights to help you protect the environment, grow the green economy, build resilient communities and do work you’re proud of.

If you enjoyed Hawken’s Ecology of Commerce, Braungart and McDonough’s Cradle to Cradle or Benyus’s Biomimicry you’ll love Work Like Nature.


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