When you hear that ice caps are melting, species are disappearing, and storms are intensifying
do you feel powerless and guilty? Let's turn your concern into action

A more sustainable, nature-rich world starts with
one inspiring project at a time.


You can launch a win-win sustainability initiative that aligns with your team's purpose and skills
does more than help the environment, and leaves a legacy. You can make change that's great for your team, your organization, and the planet.


Hi I'm Lea Elliott, principal at Naturehood, 

I help managers and directors who care about the environment integrate sustainability into their work. I borrow from the brilliance of nature to turn sustainability from a boring chore into a
gratifying feat.

Starting with your style, interests and goals I'll use my keen listening and observation skills, optimistic outlook and holistic approach to help you successfully launch a sustainability initiative that aligns with and enhances your team's core mission.


Let's make a difference!