Launch a win-win sustainability initiative that's great for you, your organization and the planet


Do you feel powerless and guilty when you hear that ice caps are melting, species are disappearing, and storms are intensifying? Let's turn your concern into action by embedding sustainable practices into your livelihood.


A more sustainable, nature-rich world starts with
one inspiring project at a time.


A win-win sustainability initiative enhances your work
does more than help the environment, and leaves a legacy.


Hi I'm Lea Elliott, principal at Naturehood, 

I help career-oriented non-sustainability professionals integrate sustainability into their work. I borrow from the brilliance of nature to turn sustainability from a boring chore into a gratifying feat.

Starting with your style, interests and goals I'll use my keen listening and observation skills, optimistic outlook and holistic approach to help you successfully launch a sustainability initiative that is unique to you or your team.


Let's make a difference!