Hi, I'm Lea Elliott, Principal at Naturehood,


I love to visit west coast islands, indulge in fresh-picked farm fruits and veggies, and help others experience the satisfaction of making a difference.



I've repeatedly witnessed the despair experienced by others when they are aware of environmental degradation but feel helpless to fix it. One conversation catalyzed me to help others weave sustainability into their current job. 

At a workshop twenty of us sat in a tight circle. A woman's voice shook and she was close to tears. She expressed her frustration with the impact humans are causing to the environment and the slow adoption of sustainable practices. Across the circle, another woman rose and said: “Just tell me what to do. I don’t know what to do.”



This image of a person standing up to ask for help stuck with me. You too are likely well aware of the vulnerability of the natural environment and want to contribute to a more sustainable world. But you might be struggling to figure out where to put your efforts.

With support and encouragement you can make your unique contribution to a more sustainable world.

I believe that true sustainability happens, not by isolating our action into financial, social and environmental silos or by limiting our action to lightbulbs and recycling, but when we weave systems change into our work.



My career began as a field biologist in the forest, on the riverbanks and in the ocean. I saw the negative effects forestry, tourism, agriculture, fisheries, industry and urban development can have on natural ecosystems and wildlife. But I also witnessed what nature can teach us about how to effectively work more sustainably.

I wrote Work Like Nature: Sustainability lessons from ecosystems for your job or business to celebrate Vancouver’s green innovators and to show how nature practices sustainability everyday, not by reducing its impact but by harnessing interconnection, seeing wastes as resources and using diversity to strengthen resilience.



At Naturehood, I apply my knowledge of nature and its systems, my BSc and MSc in biology, resource management, environmental studies and sustainability, and my two decades of work experience in the environmental field to help advance sustainability and reimagine a world where people and nature thrive.