I can identify practical, creative and strategic solutions to
your unique environmental challenges. 


I help public sector managers integrate sustainability into their work.

Some of the WAYS i Can support you are to: 

  • Research and distil best environmental practices that are well suited to your organization, the community, and the environment.

  • Identify government policy levers to improve community and corporate environmental practices.

  • Interpret and explain federal, provincial, regional and local environmental legislation.

  • Draft clear and concise reports, policy briefs, and bylaws.

  • Collect, analyze and interpret data to help inform decision-making. 

  • Develop and deliver engaging presentations to a broad range of audiences.

  • Facilitate consensus between stakeholders.

  • Mentor staff on sustainable practices implementation in their area of expertise.

After 20+ years of working in the environmental field, I have a large breadth of environmental knowledge. Some of areas of specialization I'm familiar with are: urban green infrastructure, rainwater management, mitigating residential, commercial and industrial impacts on sanitary systems, renewable energy, turning waste into resources, greener building and site design, ecological gardening and farming, non-point source and point source pollution control, indigenous plants, designing for birds, habitat protection, ecological land conservation, greenhouse gas quantification and mitigation, climate adaptation and the interdependency of nature and human well-being.

Is your area of interest not on the list? No worries, please don’t hesitate to call as I love to research and develop new strategic environmental practices.