Teachers, inspiring environmental awareness is invaluable work.
I offer a workshop to get you started.




K-12 teachers ready to awaken your students love of nature in the garden.  

Participants will leave ready to get outside, grow, and inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders.



It's worrying to think about how environmental degradation and climate change will effect the lives of today's students. In the face of these challenges, the best gift we can give kids is the life-long wisdom they'll need to love and care for the earth.

But with the competing demands of covering the curriculum, managing class dynamics and giving each student the support they need it can be hard to find the time. To help you use your time effectively I want to share with you the key competencies to cultivate an environmental ethic


ignite environmental passion

Sustainability leaders share two attributes that teachers can easily nurture. In their youth they spent time in nature (this doesn't have to be pristine wilderness we can find nature in our schoolyards) with a role model who loves nature (that's you!) and they have an ecological worldview. Meaning these leaders are aware of the complexities of nature and humans interdependence with the natural world. 


Workshop DETAILS

School gardens are the perfect place to explore the wonder of nature. This interactive, fun and empowering one-day workshop will help school staff foster ecological literacy, grow a sustainable garden and inspire environmental awareness in their students. 

This six hour workshop can be delivered at your Metro Vancouver school for up to 24 participants.