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Biomimicry for Business 1.0: How Can Your Business Profit From 3.8 Million Years of Evolution?

If sustainability is a positive force then why is it so hard to figure out? In this workshop, we’ll use nature as our sustainability sage. We’ll apply the principles of prosperous ecosystems to your business challenges, risks, and environmental impacts. You’ll leave with practical ideas for green action uniquely tailored to your business and enhanced with biomimicry. This workshop is for C-suite executives and operations staff who want to build a business that thrives like a forest.

Sustainability in nature isn’t an afterthought. It’s integrated into the fabric of life. Healthy ecosystems use natural resources effectively, benefit from mutually beneficial relationships, are resilient to disturbance, don’t pollute their communities and flourish year after year. Why should your business be any different? Weaving sustainability into your company can inspire your staff, support your community and grow your business.

Click here to learn more. Registration deadline is October 4th, 2017.