Launch a win-win sustainability initiative that's great for you, your organization and the planet


At Naturehood, Lea gives individuals and teams the confidence, ideas and accountability to successfully contribute to a more sustainable, nature-rich world one inspiring project at a time. 


When you hear that ice caps are melting, species are disappearing, and storms are intensifying
do you feel powerless and guilty? Let's turn your concern into action

Take Green Action That
Enhances Your Team’s Work


Do you worry about climate change? Or feel guilty that you're not doing more to protect the environment?

Let's turn your concern into action and increase the satisfaction you get from work by embedding sustainable practices into your livelihood.

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Lea Elliott, principal at Naturehood, borrows from the brilliance of nature to turn sustainability from a boring chore to a gratifying feat.

Lea uses her optimistic outlook, keen observation skills, and holistic approach to launch sustainability initiatives her clients will be proud of.

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