Public sector managers and directors—leverage your work to do good
for you, your team, your organization and the planet


Get inspired at the Green for Good Lab. In this 2-hour workshop, you'll learn how green actions can help you reach your performance goals, strengthen your team and feel really good about your work.

We'll focus on actions that are linked with your core work because when a green initiative supports your other responsibilities it is more likely to last (for good), is easier to accomplish (that's good) and provides benefits beyond just helping the environment (that's really good). We'll cover how to:

  • create a sustainability vision for your team
  • identify a project that will result in multiple benefits
  • make change that'll stick
  • get stuff done even when you're busy
  • get your colleagues and senior staff on board

This workshop, designed for those in the public sector, will set you up to do good for you, your team, your organization and the planet.

Any questions? Contact Lea: or 604-401-0161


Instructor: Lea Elliott


Lea Elliott, principal at Naturehood and author of Work Like Nature: Sustainability lessons from ecosystems for your job or business, believes everyone can make the world better through their work. Lea uses her two decades of environmental experience to help public sector managers develop tailored green action. With her keen listening and observation skills, optimistic outlook and holistic approach managers can launch successful initiatives that are good for their team, organization and the planet.