Practical and Inspiring Action to Green Your Work

Do you love your work but feel guilty or worried about the state of the environment? Are you wondering how to build a great career while making a meaningful difference?

My name is Lea Elliott. I also want to leave the world better than I found it.

I love helping “non-sustainability professionals” develop clear, inspiring and practical sustainability action plans.

I’ll tailor the action plan to your needs, integrate it with your other work goals, and make sure you can realistically implement it.

You’re in the Right Place if You

  • are worried about the effect your work is having on the environment.
  • haven’t found the time to research sustainability information that’s relevant to your profession.
  • are concerned that your sustainability action will be disconnected from your core work goals.
  • want to take your sustainability practices beyond the blue box and lightbulbs.
  • are keen to leave the world a better place.
  • want to do work you’re proud of.
  • need a sustainability action plan that you can effectively implement.

To Get Started

School Teachers

  • Are you a school teacher? Head to my page for teachers for ideas to help you inspire a passion for sustainability in your students.